Auto Backup


This plugin is an equivalent to the Auto Save function in MA2, I make this plugin because it’s not possible to stop the Auto Save with a command and I wanted to stop it with a macro just before the show, so with this plugin I can do it, it also create incremental backup version!

The backup name pattern is “show name – suffix vx” where x is the versioning

This plugin comes with 3 macro:

  • Start Auto Backup:
    • to init the plugin, it contain a line with your show name, it also ask you for a show name suffix, like a city name to identify backups.
  • Restart Auto Backup:
    • if the plugin is stopped by off menu or something else, you can re-run the plugin directly or use this macro
  • Stop Auto Backup:
    • Just a macro to stop the plugin, you can also copy the command in another macro or a in a cue command

By default the backup interval is 15min, you can customize interval by editing backupInterval value in the plugin

The plugin can do the backup on all external drives available!
If you don’t want that, just set the config.backupOnExternalDrive value to false:

config.backupOnExternalDrive = false

See how it works: