Show Lock


A plugin to lock your show with a password or an USB drive

Show Lock is a plugin to lock your show file with a password.

If you don’t have the password you can still use the desk by create a new show and then load another show!

You can setup two password, just in case you forget one.

Alternatively, you can lock your show with an USB drive, by creating a file of your choice inside a folder in gma2 folder:

Turn on Execute On Load to lock your show automatically on when the desk is started or the show loaded.

If you want to automatically unlock the show when you’re using grandMa2 onPC, create your key folder and file in this folder:

C:\ProgramData\MA Lighting Technologies\grandma\gma2_V_x.x.x

Where x.x.x depend on the version you’re using.

By default the plugin will not start if it detect your key file in a drive, it avoid to be locked when the show is load or when you hit “Everything Off” on Off Menu.
You can change this behavior by editing this line:

See how it works: